Thursday, 18 July 2013

MuLONDON White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream

Hello again!
Let me just start by apologising for me being a little M.I.A recently, I've not been feeling my ultimate best lately, and not the mention the sun isn't making me the happiest.. (you did read that right, I'm not a fan of the british summer when it comes to the sunshine, take me to a beach in Spain, and it's a completely different story...i'll never leave!)

Onto the actual post then haha!

This MuLONDON Cream* is exclusive to A Beautiful World.
It's designed for the neglected areas of the body, and to give plenty of moisture to make your elbows, knees and heels beautiful again! This is especially good when we are needing fantastic feet for all those sandals we are wearing!
In the jar once you first dip your fingers in, it's difficult to pick up a lot of product, but as soon the heat from your fingers gets onto the cream it turns into a very thick luxurious oily cream!
It feels absolutely gorgeous when you place it on the skin to rub in, and the smell, oh the smell... it is just literally white chocolate!
I even asked my boyfriend to do the smell test, and he agreed with the scent!
For the best results from this cream, the website does say to rub it in after a soak in the bath, but I just rub it in after my shower for a few minutes, and the results so far are obvious! I'm no longer conscious about wearing sandals and people seeing my abused heels because they are the best they have ever looked!
And honestly, with 60ml of product, this jar will be lasting a long time!

What's your favorite cream?

Thank you for reading my blog!
      - Louise xx

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